Key results

11 pieces of coverage across
regional print and online titles

One broadcast opportunity

Two pieces in sector-specific
trade publications

The Challenge

Peacehaven Community School is a mixed secondary school for 11-16-year olds. The East-Sussex school was opened in 2001 following a 40-year campaign by the local community for a secondary school in Peacehaven.

We were tasked with the aim to improve the school’s reputation within the local community by maximising good news and minimising impact of sensitive issues.

Our Solution

  • Create a media relations strategy aimed at local and regional media outlets
  • Provide crisis management support as and when required

With so many great things already happening within the school we weren’t short of stories. We made regular visits to the school to ensure we didn’t miss anything and created a calendar of stories for regular press releases.

Our activity included:

  • GCSE results
  • Launch of Baccalaureate stream
  • Opening of a school shop
  • Use of social media to boost student engagement
  • Management of media for complaints about student behavior

The Outcome

Since working with Peacehaven Community School we have:

In three months we achieved 11 pieces of coverage across regional print and online titles, one broadcast opportunity and two pieces in sector-specific trade publications.

We also supported with Open Evening feedback materials, press statements regarding sensitive issues and recruitment strategies.

“I’ve loved being able to pick up the phone to ask for advice and seeing stories in the news each week was a real boost for students and staff. Cobb PR’s enthusiasm and ability to find news stories throughout the school was fantastic.”           

– Loren Davies, Business Manager at Peacehaven Community School.