Interview with Spire Healthcare

What our client said

Who are your target audience and what are you trying to achieve with your marketing?

Target audience is a mix of medical professionals, from consultants to GPs with the public also targeted for some campaigns. Our marketing messages work on multiple levels, from showing investment in our consultants and building loyalty to raising awareness with GP’s and other referring professionals.  We have an element of brand awareness but most of our marketing has a clear call to action which should result in an increase in business.

When did you start working with Cobb Healthcare and why did you choose to work with us?

Started to work with Cobb Healthcare in June following a presentation given by James to our consultants.  We wanted to work with a company that could offer some innovation, but also understood the healthcare market and the opportunities within it


Which marketing channels do you use?

Print, digital and events

Tell us a little bit about your experience with Cobb Healthcare; did we meet agreed deadlines? Did we work with you to ensure we delivered the marketing channels you needed?

Good experience of working with Cobb.  James works hard to ensure that a plan is in place, is open about what we can and can’t do and that deadlines are met.  Cobb works with us to push the boundaries of what we can do and offers solutions for managing our multiple demands.

The Outcome

Since working with Cobb, what results have you seen from your marketing campaigns?

“Too soon to tell yet as we are still in the development stages of our projects.  However, the talk that James gave in June has stimulated some our consultants to take more interest in their own promotion, with some speaking to Cobb about development of their own sites.”

“Cobb Healthcare are refreshing in their approach that they understand the complex environment of marketing within healthcare.  They work closely with clients to ensure that the product delivers in terms of the practical aspects but also that it looks good and is well designed.”