We provided

Engagement with key influencers

Proactive and reactive media support

Crisis communication support

The Challenge

Sussex MSK Partnership East (SMSKPE) is an NHS organisation set up in 2015 to streamline the provision of muscle, bone and pain care in East Sussex.  The introduction of the service impacted greatly on GPs, patients and healthcare providers and we were tasked with helping to manage the change through clear, consistent communications with stakeholders.

The Objectives

  • Ensure that patients and healthcare practitioners understand the service offer
  • Build reputation and trust among stakeholders
  • Ensure the service is highly visible so that patients are aware
  • Promote health prevention and self-management for MSK problems

Our Solution

  • Development of a website containing information for patients and professionals
  • Regular newsletters tailored for GPs, Patients and health care professionals
  • Patient engagement through patient forums and sharing patient stories
  • Engagement with key influencers including health charities and organisations
  • Proactive and reactive media support
  • Provision of medical experts for commentary on topical issues/national health awareness events
  • Crisis communication support

The Outcome

Since working with Sussex MSK East we have:

During our two-year contract with SMSKPE, the service grew in both capacity and reputation.  Awareness and understanding of the service improved and patients and GPs became more engaged.

“Cobb PR gave us valuable advice and supported our communications on a regular basis.  They made sure that they understood us so that they could quickly and pertinently assist with a wide range of recipients requiring very different styles and messages, from GPs to patients.  For me they undertook in depth interviews of patients and the latter found the process to be smooth and interesting.”

 – Anne Sabine, Patient Director