Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Sonia Halge-Dang, the new Digital PR Intern at Cobb PR. The first of my kind I’m told. Needless to say I’m thrilled to hear it.
After leaving Southampton Solent University, I knew that I wanted a career in PR, but I had no idea where to start. As a recent graduate, it goes without saying that it is an employer’s market, and with no PR-related experience, I feared the worst. Brighton, now my new home, is a renowned creative hub and PR is considered to be creative. According to this logic, surely there was bound to be a reputable and professional PR agency in Brighton who might have wanted an intern? So, through the magic of telephone lines, I managed to talk to Dan Flanagan, Digital Director at Cobb PR. Now I get to call him my boss/mentor/walking-and-talking guide to the industry.
When I first got told that I would be an intern, I was really excited. To the extent, I went ‘window’ shopping for some new work-wear. When I began telling my family and friends, I heard daunting stories of becoming the tea and coffee maker. Luckily for me, one of my friend’s friends was a former intern at Cobb PR. When I shared my news with her, she was ecstatic for me and raved about the team. After talking to her, I couldn’t wait to start!
Yesterday made it a week that I have been the first Digital PR Intern. I am proud to say I haven’t become the tea and coffee maker as a few of my sceptical friends had predicted. It’s more of an ‘I’m going to the kitchen, anyone want a tea or coffee?’ environment. So far, I’ve learnt that you can only trust the stories of those people who have gone through the internship experience. My research skills that were sharpened at university have been quite useful in the tasks that I have completed. The creative cogs of my brain have been turning for clients. My business mind (courtesy of my mother) has been revved to fifth gear and my opinions have been valued. I can honestly say there has not been a dull moment so far.
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