Like many men, I like a close shave. And yes, I am talking about a razor and shaving cream. A wet shave is the only way to start the day. But it’s a very personal experience. So when the boss of Essensuals, Sam Thomas, asked if I would offer my face and neck for training purposes at his new Shave Academy, I did not bite his hand off.
Over the coming weeks, he mentioned it a few more times and wore me down. I agreed.
On Tuesday Nov 1, I sat in the leather salon chair and offered up a prayer. But there was no need for fear. Hot towels, an examination of my skin and bristles, and we were ready to rock.
Out came the charmingly named cut-throat razor, and we were off. My razor man Mike Bulmer was very calming. He told me about my skin (taught, little elasticity), my moisture levels (too dry, should look after myself better), and the type of bristles (normal, but patchs of in-growing).
More hot towels, a cold towel to close down the pores, more lotion to identify any elusive bristles, and a few more delicate scrapes.

An hour later and we were done. My skin felt alive, tingly and fresh. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anybody (although probably more suited to men!).
If you are like me, and have never had another person touch your neck with sharpened steel, give it a try. It is a leap of faith, but an enjoyable one.
For the sake of transparency, Essensuals is not a client. They are a great crowd and made me feel very welcome.
Essensuals, 6 Prince Albert St. See Sam and tell him Tim sent you.

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