Up bright and early, a quick breakfast, then it was off for a tootle around the French countryside. We came back to the hotel mid afternoon for a tour of the neighbouring vineyard and a bit of wine tasting. In the evening, we all bundled into taxis and headed for the nearby village of Belleville sur Saone to join a traditional celebration dinner to greet the first wines of the season.
We joined 180 villagers and were made to feel very welcome. The compere got to know our table quickly and enjoyed practising his English on us. We reciprocated by experimenting with our dodgy French. We seemed to understand each other, especially as the wine started to flow.

The local Elvis impersonator!
By 11pm the lightweights had left and it was a hardcore of six who stayed on for the dancing. The locals performed some strange variations on line dancing, so Angelo, Sue and I decided it was time to show them how the professionals do it. While my efforts were pants (a bit like watching your dad dance at a wedding), Angelo strutted his stuff big-time. Respect!
Tim Cobb
The Brighton Beaujolais Bash was a charity event on behalf of Chestnut Tree House. Click here for more information.