A quick trip to the wine shop to stock up on Beaujolais Nouveau and then onto the auto route for our 500-mile return journey.
Sue and I did a few extra miles, as she kindly directed me into central Dijon by mistake. It’s always nice to spend time in a busy city centre traffic jam when you only have 300 miles to go. Anyway, I promised Sue I would not mention this, so enough said.
We arrived back home at 6.30pm, a little tired, but having thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
And as for the wine, it’s not half bad. It cost about £5 a bottle, and I’ve already auctioned one off for £20 for the children’s hospice (my thanks to Melanie Adams from Brewers).
Tim Cobb and Melanie Adams
Tim Cobb and Melanie Adams
I will have a debrief with the Chestnut team and start thinking about what to do next year.
Tim Cobb
The Brighton Beaujolais Bash was a charity event on behalf of Chestnut Tree House.