With the launch of CloudConnX in Eastbourne last week, it got us thinking about the importance of fast quality broadband for businesses.
Broadband has been around for a few years now and many businesses will already have a good broadband deal. However, it seems that with big brands constantly promising and failing to roll out faster and better broadband, businesses are using their initiative and setting up their own connections to meet their needs.
The introduction of CloudConnX will offer the business community ultra-fast and ultra-high capacity wireless broadband that is not available anywhere else inEast Sussex. This will giveEastbournethe competitive edge when individuals on the south coast are choosing a location to set up their business.
Most businesses rely on the internet to carry out everyday jobs and as a key tool to communicate with their customers. Therefore they need to ensure that their broadband service is dependable, trustworthy and will help the business grow.
A good broadband connection can help your business grow in a number of ways:

Communication – A good business broadband deal will allow you to interact between offices. If you only have one office, business broadband should still assist you with communication to your clients and customers.

Broadband opens numerous opportunities to businesses. Not only does the internet itself allow you to search for vital information, but the communication between emails is what many people today rely on.

Security – A good business broadband package will offer you enhanced security. Possibilities include backing up your files online so that if you suffered PC or laptop problems you would not lose backlogged data. There should also be enhanced anti-virus and spyware protection.

Priority service – Business broadband should offer you prioritised technical support. Being offline for a lengthy period of time could cost you serious amounts of money. As a consequence, most business broadband providers offer their clients a priority service so you can be sure your provider will do its best to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Each business has varied needs however there are numerous aspects to consider before making a choice such as speed, support, network and price.