Cobb PR ditched the boardroom and headed for the kitchen to prepare for a pitch earlier this year.
We were invited to tender for the PR and marketing contract for the Scandinavian product range of Sukrin sweeteners, baking ingredients and bread and cake mixes that contain no gluten or sugar.
Account Director Julie Causton, a hands-on professional in the office and a goddess in the kitchen, put the ingredients to the test by spending a weekend baking bread and cakes.
The whole team enjoyed a taste test and gave Sukrin the thumbs-up. And after all that effort, Sukrin came back and gave Cobb PR the thumbs-up to support its marketing drive across the UK.
The target audience is health aware consumers who want to enjoy what they eat but at the same time are conscious of following a healthy diet. InScandinavia, the products have huge following amongst sports and fitness professionals as well as the “cupcake brigade” and are regularly featured on TV being used by celebrity chefs.
Julie has many years’ experience in food and health PR. She said: “I am so impressed by Sukrin’s mixes and baking ingredients and I thinkUKconsumers will love them too. It’s a totally new concept to be able to eat a piece of rich, moist chocolate cake that tastes divine but contains more fibre and less calories than a slice of wholemeal bread.”
Fionn Bass, managing director of Sukrin, said: “We are very excited about the prospect of launching in theUKand are delighted to have Cobb PR’s support to do this. It is vital that we get our marketing messages right for British consumers and ensure that these messages reach the right people. Julie and her team understand who we need to speak to, what we need to say and how best to say it – they are invaluable partners.”