With the Olympic Torch passing through Eastbourne next month, we thought we would share our top ten tips on how businesses can and cannot incorporate the Olympics into their everyday marketing. London Olympics Association Right (LOAR) has been set up to keep an eye on the intellectual property of the 2012 Olympics and has imposed several strict restrictions.
Any brand that isn’t an official sponsor of the Olympic Games must be careful and monitor what content they are posting surrounding the events; even re-tweeting something relating to the games could prove difficult. Follow the tips below and you should stay out of trouble:

DON’T associate your business or brand with the Olympics. This is the first rule set out by the London Olympics Association Right (LOAR). Any content you create or use to advertise your business must not lead people into believing you have any kind of official association with the Games

LIMIT the type of content you post and keep an eye on the permitted topics set by the LOAR. Most businesses and brands are keen to harness the marketing potential of the Olympics but there are strict guidelines on what is permitted

DON’T fill your social media page with posts that constantly mention the Olympics. One mention amongst your regular posts should be fine

DO provide relevant and factual information to clients and customers about the Olympics in a way which doesn’t promote your business in association with the games

AVOID discussing participants in the Olympic events as this may be seen as trying to associate your business with the Games

DON’T use any images surrounding the events such as crowds or landmarks. Even a silhouette of a runner with a landmark outline behind would be seen as infringement

DON’T use the Olympic symbol anywhere in your marketing material

DON’T run a competition for Olympic tickets. It may seem like a great prize to offer your customers but the action taken against you wouldn’t be worth it

DO use sport as a marketing tool. As long as the campaign makes no reference to the Olympics directly in words or pictures then it will be fine. Words like excellence, winning and running are not prohibited by LOAR

DON’T give specific expressions of support linked to the brand, for example Go Team GB in London 2012 or Everyone here at Cobb PR can’t wait for the Olympics

Now you know how to safely incorporate the Olympics into your business, lets all join together and cheer the Olympic torch on as it passes though the town.