Cobb PR has been appointed to work with East Sussex County Council (ESCC) to generate and stimulate interest for superfast broadband across the county and to record levels of demand.
Only 3% of homes and businesses in East Sussex have access to high-speed broadband (24Mbps and over) compared with 58% nationally, making it one of the poorest served areas in the country.
Enhancing the digital provision will make East Sussex a far more accessible place to live and work. It will mean having a fast, reliable internet service regardless of where you live; the ability to access online services quickly and easily, being able to work from home without worrying about losing your connection to your colleagues and clients. It will attract new business into the country and boost the local economy.
ESCC has secured funding to work with a telecoms partner to install the necessary infrastructure in areas of the county not currently covered by current private telecommunications investment plans. However, these companies will only invest if they know that there is a strong demand for superfast broadband.
Over the coming months Cobb PR and ESCC will be communicating the benefits of superfast broadband and gathering evidence of demand through a local marketing campaign. The focal point will be a dedicated website where households and businesses can find out more about broadband in their area and register their demand for a superfast service. We will update you when the when the website is launched, but in the meantime please contact Julie Causton at Cobb PR on 01323 416999 or for further information.