A picture is worth a thousand words. A hackneyed phrase that we trot out far too often but you should never under estimate the power of a really good photograph. And we don’t mean one that you’ve snapped on your phone or one that the office amateur took on their SLR. No, we mean one taken by a professional.
Since our last team photo session, too long ago, the Cobb PR team has taken on new members, changed hairstyles and even moved offices. High time for new photos, so we invited photographer Teri Vincent to do her creative best with us.
Using the iconic TV Show Mad Men for inspiration, Teri had us posing and pouting until even the most self-conscious of us discovered their inner supermodel.
We think the results were pretty good. SBT Magazine certainly thought so – they put us on the front cover.
Visit Teri’s website www.terivincent.com or contact her on 07885039301 or at teri@vincenet.co.uk.

Front cover of SBT