When I asked for something to do, Amy suggested that I write an article for the blog on ‘something creative, anything about PR’. For me that meant, let your imagination run free. Great! But what could I write about?
I asked Jenny for advice and she suggested that I write about the British weather. But everybody knows that British weather is not as paradisiacal as in Mauritius, so my blog text would be really negative and that’s not what I aim for. Nevertheless I gave it a try. It sounded like this:
English weather needs getting used to! When the sun is out, it is lovely! You can go to a nice park, lay on the grass and read a book, enjoying a BBQ with friends or go (if you are lucky enough to live on the coast) to Eastbourne’s seaside. Although the weather can change quickly and before you know where you are it is windy, cloudy, rainy and awkward. British people often tell me: “The weather is rubbish.”
But after I’d finished this paragraph I thought that’s a pretty boring topic and that I wanted to write about something which captures the reader… so I quickly decided to drop my weather topic and thought of something else.
While brainstorming I had the idea that my blog text can be about ‘ideas’. It seems to be such a stupid and simple topic and yet it is so complex! It all started with the quote: “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo). What an impressive quote!
Every technical gadget grows out of an idea. Every invention starts with a good idea. Money Maker had either luck, or a good idea. And at the end, this idea seems so simple and plausible, so that you say ‘Why didn’t that occur to me?’ The tricky thing is that you have to be the very first person sparing a thought about it.
That brought me to PR. Public Relations are all about having a good idea.
Your ideas, our ideas, and how we work together should be one of the guiding principles of every PR agency. That means PR agents are more than just graduates who learnt how to write press releases. They must be creative. Every message they are sending out has to start with a good idea aiming at getting attention and making their thought memorable.
Public Relation agents are facing a busy media environment, with TV, Papers, Radio, and adverts everywhere, because the rivals never rest. You have to captivate the mind of your audience, like a good speaker. Move away from statements which already exist and enter the world of the unknown and untried. A bit strategic, a bit logical and connected to the customer’s objectives, then we can begin to talk of a good idea. It only depends on the realisation.
If your idea is unexpected and original, then you can call yourself a good PR agent.