Cobb PR has teamed up with Sussex commercial healthcare expert James Dempster to launch Cobb Healthcare.
Cobb Healthcare is a full service marketing and PR agency focused on helping the medical sector achieve their commercial goals.
The business is launched at a critical time with dramatic changes being introduced into both the NHS and private healthcare sector. With this in mind it is important that clinicians and other healthcare professionals protect their share of the market.
Cobb Healthcare will help businesses ranging from local GPs to physiotherapists, dentists, consultant surgeons, large healthcare enterprises, and everything in between.
James Dempster was previously part of the team who set up the new Montefiore Hospital, a private hospital based in Brighton, which offers patients state of the art facilities and treatments.
Services include, but are not limited to:
Branding – concepts, re-branding, tone of voice and everything in between
Website Optimisation – user journey, plus SEO
Online and Offline marketing – PPC, online advertising, leaflets etc
Press releases – product and service news releases
Press tours and media road shows – press events and product briefings
Media interviews – face to face meeting with editorial teams for in-depth insight
Opinion articles & commentary – drafted and placed across target media to increase profile
Social media – used to increase awareness of new products and to drive traffic to website
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