I can tell you: time is flying. It only seems like yesterday that I came in to start my 3 month internship at Cobb PR.
My first blog article was about the beautiful British accent. I’m still of the same opinion: I love this accent. The problem is, people still don’t expect me to be British. Most of them were telling me that I sound Canadian. Canada? My host mum said that’s probably because I can speak French as well.
Well… I have got just over a week left in the UK, so I will keep trying to pronounce the words like the locals do.
What else can I say? Resuming I can say for sure that Cobb PR consists of professionals who turned out to be adorable and jolly people.
No matter whether I have got a question, I want to get some advice about my shopping during my lunch hour or whether we had a small talk, I enjoyed every conversation here.
Janet is still my shopping queen, the best advice and ‘Mummy number 2’ at work. If I’ve learnt one thing, then it’s surely that you have to ‘treat yourself’.
I remain convinced that Sue reminds me of Coco Chanel: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” And Chris was, is and will stay the funniest man at Cobb PR. Give him a Latte (don’t forget the sugar) and he will help you to expand your business in ways you never could on your own.
Cobb PR consists of highly motivated PR agents who will surprise you with unexpected and creative ideas.
It means a lot to me that they entrusted me to write press releases or articles on healthcare topics. I think that I did not do perfectly all the time, but I’m sure they could use my work at least as draft or as a beginning.
The PR field offers a wide range of different tasks and topics. After these three months I’m just more certain that I definitely want to work in this area.
I thank all my lovely colleagues for making my time here so special. I hope that I’ll stay in your heads anyhow… as crazy German, as Madders (Chris gave me this nickname, it always made me laugh), as perfume addict or maybe as jolly person?
This is an agency you can trust.
I wish you all the best!