As a student imminently awaiting the start of their final year at University, you’d think I’d have some form of idea or plan as to where I was heading with my future career prospects when this party they call an expensive holiday, I mean Uni, is all over.
Well, it turns out I’m more confused than I ever have been before even deciding to go to University.
I’m now two years into a Sport Journalism degree at Southampton Solent, a course that would seemingly have a definitive direction or outcome at the end of it. Sitting in a press box, writing football match reports on a Saturday afternoon – that must be life post Uni for a Sports Journalist, right?
Actually, no. It’s much more complicated than that. And to be perfectly honest, not what I actually want to do for a living either.
This might go some way to explaining how I’ve landed in the more than capable hands, on work experience at Cobb PR.
It just so happens that, being the sports enthusiast that I am, I regularly go and watch my local team Brighton and Hove Albion play football – in fact, I’m a season ticket holder for the Seagulls!
Coincidently, the Albion are also the team of Cobb PR, well Tim anyway.
So a Saturday afternoon at the American Express Community Stadium (the Amex to you and I). It was a case of ‘right place, right time’, oh and a little bit of help from my old man who loves to socialise… Sorry ‘network’!
Being an ex-journalist himself, Tim offered his knowledge of expertise to myself and suggested that I joined the Cobb PR team for a few weeks work experience in order to provide me with another angle on life post Sport Journalism degree, and so I took him up on the offer.
It is strange though, the longer I spend at Uni, the more people seem to be telling me these days it’s all about who you know and not what you know and getting as much experience in as many different fields as possible. So maybe I’ll keep that in mind.