So I get to write my first ever blog. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a long time and I have many ideas, however it’s only now I’ve had a solid reason to write one. I’m doing my two weeks’ work experience at Cobb PR through the Prince’s Trust.
Even though the Prince’s Trust is considered a prestigious charity for young people, it’s become apparent to me that not many people actually know what it does. The charity provides different courses for young people to improve their personal development and get them into education and long-term work. I could say so much about the Trust, but without going off onto tangents, I’m currently on the 12 week “Team Programme” which has given me first-hand experience about what it’s really like working with other young people. Currently, in weeks seven and eight we are doing our work experience, which is how I landed a place in Cobb PR. As one of the oldest people on the team, I want to set a good example for the younger ones.
I have learnt from my time with the Trust that you can’t just walk in and expect everyone to understand your point of view or even like you for that matter. From my experience, you really need to gain people’s trust and let them know that you want to help and that you’re there if they ever need to just talk. That’s been my personal challenge. I’d say the best way to find out more about the Trust is to go visit their website
The most important thing to me is my education and everyone is entitled to one. There are things we need to know that they didn’t teach us in school. Many young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds haven’t been given the opportunity to learn at home either. Things such as good morals, self respect and compassion for others. Being taught what boundaries are and being able to know their own. Not to forget practical things we need to know in everyday life like money management, taxes and how to look after yourself. So it’s important that young people know why their education is crucial, and where they can go to learn outside of school.
I’d like to be an ambassador for the Princes Trust after the course. It gives me a real buzz when I can help other young people by sharing my personal experiences and help to empower them to make a better life for themselves than the cards they’ve been dealt.
My work experience has given me a good insight as to what happens on a day-to-day basis in the office. Everyone at Cobb PR is so friendly, which makes a great working environment. For the past two weeks I’ve helped the team with developing databases, mail-merges and other office duties. I’ve also been given the chance to write draft press releases. This has given me the confidence to stop thinking about writing a blog and finally do one!