If you spend time online, especially on social media you will know that the digital world loves animals. They’re not picky either, whether the animal is cute, ugly or grumpy no one minds.
I confess, I’m one of those people who loves anything to do with cute animals. My current obsession is with dachshunds and I have been known to search the term “cute dachshunds” on YouTube.
Just to watch them.

Especially this one:

But then, I’ll share it, I’ll send it to a friend, I’ll post it on Facebook just because it’s a cute dog. Animals are no stranger to marketing, brands use animals all the time to sell their products or services.
For example, my two favourites:

Three Mobile used a moonwalking Shetland pony to remind us of all the ‘silly things’ we can enjoy on the web. #DancePonyDance

Freeview launched #catandbudgie in their new TV advert which saw a friendship blossom between a cat and budgie building on their proposition that entertainment is even better when it’s free.
When something is cute people will share it. Whether you’re promoting an event, product, brand or campaign you want people to share it so more people know about it.
It seems pretty obvious that you should be linking your content to cute animals then?
Yes, but like with any marketing, it has to be relevant. You can’t simply email pictures of puppies in the hope that people will then buy your product but if used creatively and carefully, using animals in marketing can be a very powerful tool to share your message.