My first year working in PR has been a roller coaster, starting as an intern in a field I didn’t know too much about was daunting but it’s been onwards and upwards from there. I never imagined I could learn so much but I’m glad I can say that I’ve jumped at every opportunity given to me and have learnt so much along the way. Here are 10 things I’ve learnt this year…

1. Everyday is a school day
Never stop listening and learning. Every person I’ve met this year has taught me something new, being surrounded by people with years of experience is invaluable – try and take everything in.

2. Time-management is key
Working in an agency means you’ll probably be juggling tasks all the time and it’s important that you don’t drop any. Learn to prioritise, ask for clear deadlines and shout if you’re struggling. Your team won’t want you to drown.

3. Take every opportunity (even if it terrifies you)
Yes, going networking for the first time on your own is scary. Ask for advice and remember that everyone’s been in your shoes. Even if you’ve never done something before, don’t shy away from the challenge – have a go and ask for feedback, it’s the best way to gain experience.

4. Be prepared for every eventuality
From organising breakfast in a five star hotel to touring a building site in a torrential downpour and stepping in as a reporter for a TV broadcaster – I quickly realised that no two days are the same. Be ready for anything and prepare as best you can.

5. Check, double check and triple check
Proof, proof and proof again. Always take the time to read written work again. Read it aloud, read it backwards and always get someone else to read it. There’s nothing worse than finding a mistake after you’ve hit the send button.

6. Speak up
Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, they’re just as valid as everyone else’s, especially the ones you feel really strongly about.

7. Do your research
Preparation is key; if you’re in a meeting, you need to know what’s going on. Ask questions, share your knowledge and be confident about it. The same goes for writing articles, be clear and accurate and if in doubt, ask.

8. Pick up the phone
I’m guilty of not doing this enough. I rely on emails far too much, complain when people aren’t responding, and then pick up the phone and get an answer straight away. It’s simple really and a lesson that I’ve definitely learnt this year.

9. Good relationships are vital
Whether that’s the relationship with your clients or your colleagues, working closely with them is key to productivity and clear communications. Making cakes and cups of tea is a good place to start!

10. Keep smiling
Everyone makes mistakes. Own up, apologise, learn from them and keep smiling. Nobody’s perfect.