If we could anticipate a crisis, life would be so much easier. Sadly, in most cases, we are taken by surprise and then have to fire-fight to bring matters under control.

In rare circumstances, the problem spills over into the public domain, with journalists sniffing around and Twitter moving into over-drive.

That’s when it is time to call in the experts! Cobb PR has been advising companies on handling the media, bloggers and trolls for many years. We can second-guess the route that journalists are taking and head them off.

And if TV comes a-knocking, we can help you prepare and establish your key messages.

Here are our top tips for a great TV interview:

Find out the facts

•  What is the angle of the story; what issue will be raised; who else is being interviewed?
•  Establish what questions you are likely to be asked and have answers prepared.
•  Core statements – have up to three of your most important points at the forefront of your mind. If you get to say all of them at least once, then you’ve succeeded.


• Talk slowly and control your breathing
• Smile if appropriate
• Don’t be put off by all the equipment and people.

Winning answers

• KISS – keep it short and simple!
• Make your core statements as early as possible.
• Avoid jargon


• Get angry
• Say “no comment”
• Blame other people in your organisation

And finally…

• Finish on a positive – try to turn around negative questions or issues and give a positive answer wherever possible.

How would you like our full list of Do’s and Don’ts? The first 10 people to email tim@cobbpr.com will receive by return email our two page guide to delivering great TV interviews.