Many believe that PR is for the large corporate giants among us, that PR would be wasted on the small business or that it would be too expensive, a big investment with little reward.  If you’re agreeing with this, you couldn’t be more wrong. We work with many SMEs looking to increase their brand awareness and while many will think they don’t have a story to tell…it’s the success and story of a small business that’s so special. Here are our top tips for SMEs new to the PR world.

  1. Identify the right audience for your business

PR enables you to talk to many different audiences in a very particular way. From consumers and buyers to stakeholders and distributors in new markets, PR allows you to build relationships and share your business story. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this though, each audience requires a tailored angle to ensure it’s newsworthy and stands out from competitors.

If you want to talk to potential buyers, trade publications are the best place to start. Keep your news concise and relevant and remember the five ‘W’s. Who, what, when, where and why are the key things a journalist is looking for. Checking this is included will ensure a journalist isn’t searching for key information that their readers are looking for.

  1. Switching to the right channel for your business

With so many publications out there, ensuring you’re pitching to the right media is crucial to your story being published. Read the publications, know what stories they cover and make sure your story is tailored with that in mind. Magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs are all written in different styles with different audiences in mind – know who you’re pitching to and where you want your story to sit in the media.

  1. Developing your voice

In a saturated market, making your business stand out can be challenging. Creating a unique voice that is synonymous throughout your brand is a good way to ensure that your business establishes a recognisable style and tone. This is easier said than done and can take time to build, much like the reputation of your business.

One thing to remember is the importance of being unique. Just because another brand has established a distinguished voice doesn’t mean you can adopt the same voice and see success. Take time to establish your voice, that mirrors the brand through its digital, internal and external communications.

While it may seem that global companies dominate the news agenda there are a whole host of opportunities for small businesses to show their worth in the media. PR can ensure that your business is not only joining, but leading the conversation – helping to position your business as a leader in its field. With so many businesses out there, there isn’t a better time to help your business stand out.

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